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What is the Handbag Hardware?

If you are never considered handbag hardware before. The options available might blow your mind. The most common types of handbag hardware are:

  • 1.Buckles: These could be used for an adjustable strap or as a closure

  • Buckles

  • 2.Buttons and snaps: Useful as closures.

  • Buttons and snaps

  • 3.Metal chain: Makes a great strap for a smaller handbag.

  • Metal chain

  • 4.Feet: Tiny metal feet for the bottom of your handbag.

  • Feet

  • 5.Rings: Rings come in a few different shapes and have a variety of uses -- they can attach a strap to a bag or make a strap adjustable.|

  • Rings

  • 6.Snap hooks: These are a removable connector -- useful if you want your handbag to double as a clutch.

  • Snap hooks

7.Spikes and studs: Purely for decoration, spikes and/or studs can give your handbag a tough edge.

Spikes and studs

8.Turn lock: Another sewing closure option. (My personal favorite.

Turn lock

9.Zippers: Used as a closure or for decoration.