15 years of one-stop handbags supplier audited by BSCI 

Some supplier who have factory, but no legal registration


For sure there have many kinds of handbags factory located at Guangzhou China area that you could found from Internet nowadays. But  some good and some bad.

In fact, many of them are small and family-run fty. who do not have any fty. audit certification and Legal business Registration.  They are only a subcontractor with limited production equipment and man power, not a REAL organized fty and company who could provide fully support to customer.


This is very dangerous to cooperate with this kind of factory as they are easy to get away from any responsibility  if there have  any problems about the order and development.  


However, Bella bags Industrial Ltd. is a Legal Industry and Trade Integration with BSCI fty. audit certification and Legal business Registration.


We concerning our reputation since we decided start our business in 2003.     

We are a responsibility supplier with well organized production workshop and exporting dept.    We provide a best support and after-sales service to our customer.

Some supplier who have company, but no production workshop

Many company  who do not have production workshop and real fty. to support customer’s order and sample development.
Which we called “Trading company”.


Since those trading company is not a real Fty., who lack of product knowledge and manpower. They are very passive and could not guarantee the order and sample quality by this reason.

They could not provide a best solution and immediately action for all customer sample development / order Enq.


However, Bella bags Industrial Ltd. is a Industry and Trade Integration for over 15 years who have actual production workshop, sampling dept. and experienced technical team to support all customer samples and enq.


Because of that, we could provide a quick response and professional service for all our customer requirement.


Some supplier who have production workshop, but no R&D dept

There have many fty. who only willing to handle bulk order production  but not willing to put any new investment for R&D.  
They only prefer to save money at their pocket as they know they need to put much investment for R&D dept.
Therefore,  they could not provide any updated new sample style idea and share with our customer.
This is a Vicious cycle as they could not moving forward if they only do copying.

However, Bella bags Industrial Ltd. is a well growing and aggressive company,
We always put much investment for this part as we totally understand R&D dept. is the most important part of us.
We continuously developing 40-50 up to trend new styles monthly and our design team always keep sharing the most up dated trend and idea with our customer weekly.


Some supplier who have factory , but no foreign trade term and export dept

It is very important for fty., who have their own exporting dept.
A professional sales team is very important part to make sure we could provide a best service.

Since everyone understand, this is a problem when dealing with a factory is one of communication. Many small factory owners and their employees do not speak English, or those that do may not have the ability to interpret complicated information for their colleagues.


However, Bella Bags Industrial Ltd. is a well organized fty. with BSCI Audit certification who provide a one-step-service to our customer.
We are a REAL fty. with well equipment and also have our own exporting dept. and sales team who give a well support to our customer.

Many importers prefer to source their goods directly from the factory if they can and the main reason for this is the lower price. If they can negotiate a good price with the manufacturer and avoid having to pay a commission to a middleman (a trading company), then they will do so every time.


From Enq. Stage to Export stage, we do have our professional sales team provide a best service and keep close communicate with our customer to make sure our customer can get immediately reply for any question and problem.


Some supplier who have factory and trade export dept., but no qualify inspection team and logistic supporting

Many of fty. who don’t have well facility about inspection and logistic part.
They don’t have their in-house inspection team and standard who could monitor the order quality before shipped.  
This is really a high-risk for customer as they could only found out the quality problems when receiving the bulk order.
This absolutely caused many unnecessary argument and break the business relationship between importer and fty.

Besides, many factory who could only provide ex-fty. terms as they don’t have well experienced to do FOB terms for customer.  This will increase customer workload about this part as customer need to arrange logistic part by themselves.  


However, Bella Bags Industrial Ltd. who care about our bulk order quality and Logistic supporting to our customer.

We do have our own in-house inspection team and logistic dept. with over 15 workers who provide a standard processing and qualify service to ensure all bulk goods could comply customer requested standard before ship.

We concerning our bulk order quality as we believe Good quality is one of the keys to business success.



Our experienced staff take care all the details from initial concept to final shipment

and ensure that your specific requirements are met.

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